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 Our double loop decorative fence gains a good reputation for its high quality and competitive price. Double loop decorative fence is one of the most important and popular fences in our factory.
The structure of double loop decorative fence is the edges are cylinder rolled with cold-drawn low-carbon steel wire, forming a whole with the mesh sheet.
Processing:PVC coated after welding of steel wire and electro galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing or PVC coating can be done separately.
Tailong Double Loop Decorative Fences
Enjoy some excellent characteristics:
high strength,
high intensity,
original structure,
aesthetically pleasing,
beautiful appearance,
wide view,
easy installation,
a long service life,
bright and comfortable feeling
Double Loop Decorative Fence is mainly used in community garden parking lot, garden nursery, playground, organs buildings etc.
More products please see Anping County Innaer Wire Mesh Manufacturing Co,.Ltd
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